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Petals & Plumes

Lammas Sabbat Candle

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Lammas or Lughnassadh is one of the eight pagan sabbats celebrated throughout the year! It is described as the midway point between the summer solstice (Litha) and the autumnal equinox (Mabon) on August 1st.

Lammas represents the ending of summer and the emergence of the fall season. Traditional activities participated on this day include: the first harvest of the season, baking bread, and crafting corn husk dolls, to name a few! Immerse yourself and your space with this Sabbat's mouthwatering candle!


Scents of: freshly picked blackberries, juicy plums, purple saffron threads, sweet vanilla, and warm musk.


Topped with a gold tiger's eye, dried sunflower petals, and saffron threads.

Tiger's Eye is useful for focus, protection, and good luck.


Burn time: 30-42 hours. Remove excess wax to expose the wick if "drowning" occurs. We recommend removing all toppings prior to burning as they could ignite or clog the wick. See the warning label on bottom of vessel for candle upkeep. Please note that all candles are hand-poured, minor imperfections are to be expected but we try our best!

Net approx. weight: 6oz or 170g. Weight is based on WAX content.


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