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Mystery Teacup Candle

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Brand new gorgeous, unique, vintage-style teacup candles with a matching saucer! You will receive a mystery design with your order. Each candle is dressed with crystals and florals representative of the upcoming solstice or equinox. The following season will bring about a new scent, so keep an eye out!

Winter's mystery teacup smells just like the holiday's! Scents of orange peels, warm spices, pine trees.

Green aventurine is useful for strengthening relationships, prosperity, and joy.



PLEASE NOTE: Shipping candles in warmer months is difficult, even with our best efforts when packaging. Candles may arrive with unfavorable adhesion to their vessels. We deeply apologize if this occurs.

Burn time: 20-30 hours, time varies based on oz of wax per candle. We recommend removing all toppings prior to burning as the could ignite or clog the wick. See the warning label on bottom of saucer for candle upkeep. Please note that all candles are hand-poured, imperfections are to be expected but we try our best!

Net weight: 4-6oz or 114-170g, sizes vary based on teacup


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