From the moment we decided to start this business, we have had one goal in mind: sell handmade products to like-minded people. At a very young age our CEO, Jess (they/she), would "make potions" in their spare time. Fastfoward to a couple of decades later and now it is their small business!

    We want our customers to enjoy some much needed self-care while knowing their purchase made a difference in someones life. A portion of our proceeds will be donated to the 5 non-profits below. In your cart you will have the option to round-up your purchase or set an amount to be donated if you so wish. We are passionate about these non-profit charities and believe without a shadow of a doubt that they support our mission.

    Petals & Plumes will always support minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, women's and trans/non-binary person's fundamental rights, and reproductive rights. We hope you will contintue to support our business as we fight for equality for all!

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To learn more about the missions of the non-profit organizations we support, please click on the links below!

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation

The Trevor Project

Black Lives Matter Foundation

The Satanic Temple - Salem

Women Helping Women - Hamilton